Monday, February 8, 2010

Horstian Wildlife

Greetings from the snowy land of Horst. I was wandering around and ended up raiding the FreeStyle trailers. There are tons of freebies to be had and it's a great place to hit with a new avatar since shapes and skins are some of the most readily available items. I created this little av out of various products from Horst vendors, including the FreeStyle things.

That's the Tres Blah unicorn behind me, of course -- a great Starlust landmark! What I'm wearing is sort of half-assedly unicorn themed. Starlust knows all about unicorns, after all, and lots of unicorn-ish freebies are available in the motel in Lloyd, but I kept it light. And yes, I'm standing on a giant piece of delicious sushi.

Head pet: Pididdle wearable Unicorn, sweater - Pididdle Unicorn Sweater (Girl), skirt: This is a Fawn (from the Francophile Dress)

FreeStyle items (all 1L or less):
pose: Free Male/Female AO from Roenik Newell, shape: Beautiful Girls by Abra Exonar (Nile), skin: StarLight Mods by Sileny (Perma Happy -- yeah, it has teeth), leggings: Punch Drunk Heart Leggings (Blue)

After morphing back into my usual self, I did some more wandering and couldn't resist snapping a few pics. Butterflies move through the cool, colorful trees by the FreeStyle trailer as the Ticky Tacky giant ice cream cone, the sittable sushi and ZsaZsa's House of Beauty (inside the giant bra) create a uniquely Starlustian background landscape.

Climbing the unicorn's horn. A Starlusty stairway to heaven.

Looking out over Travis, the undeveloped and lesser known Starlust sim. One of Apatia's sheep stops grazing the Horst shore to wonder if I've caught on to the evil plan of virtual world domination he's been brewing in his head (yes, I have).

Have fun out there,

Giant Sittable Sushi (the sheep are nearby):
FreeStyle Trailers:

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