Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Look at Some Starlust Hunt Prizes!

The Starlust Valentine Hunt is on! The photo above shows the pink prize boxes that are currently dotting the Starlusty landscape in most of the sims. Remember, you have to find all the heart pieces and fill the Valentine HUD (available at the motel in Lloyd) before you can start gathering your prizes. For incentive, here's a look at just a few of the many, many awesome gifts available in those pink heart boxes -- if it's credited below, it's a prize!

DRESS: Thimbles - 1983 Calling (three colors are included)
SHOES: She's So Unusual Shoes - Red N White Hearts Flats

GIRL'S ENSEMBLE: Pig - Ambrosia for VD
FEMALE SKIN: Peaches - Starlust Hunt skin
FEMALE SHAPE: Symetrie - Demi shape
GUY'S SHIRT: Pig - Uncle Charlie VD Special
MALE SHAPE: Symetrie - Axe shape

LINGERIE (left): Exodi - Lusty (two colors included)
FEMALE SKIN (center): Pie Hole - Love Cuts skin
FEMALE SHAPE (center): Symetrie - Demi shape
BRACELET (center): Yellow Snow - Queen of Hearts Bracelet
DRESS (center): Urbanista - Glam Mini Dress
MALE SHAPE: Symetrie - Axe shape
GUY'S TEE: Blacklisted - Love Cry Diva-T
GIRL'S SHIRT (right): Vanitas Vesture - Autumn Soft Tank
GIRL'S PANTS (right): House of Hucci - Hucci Plush

WEAPON: Ki2 - Women's Cupid Bow Pink (Male version also included)
SHIRT: Lark - Karen Blouse
GLASSES: Bubble - Retro Glasses Pink

SWEATER: Twosome Comfy Cardi (three colors included)
TIGHTS: Twosome Square Tights
SKIN: Imagen - Clara - Este - Deep Purple Messy skin
PANTIES: C'est Moi! - St. Valentine underpants
NECKLACE: Scribble - Starlust Hunt Gift Necklace

A lot of variety, including some cool skins and shapes! So far, the things are mostly for girls (no surprise, really), but there are indeed a few items for the guys. The hunt runs through the 22nd of February, so your friendly neighborhood blogging staff will keep featuring things we find. Meanwhile, get out there and start hunting!

Have fun,

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