Sunday, August 8, 2010

Eugene, Puppies, Underpants

So I went exploring in Eugene and what did I find? A puppydog avatar at Junk Ruckus for practically pennies! I'm a goofball, how could I resist?
Puppydog Avatar

Girl Mako also found several things in Eugene -- sunglasses from Epoque, inexpensive tees from Junk Ruckus and Decollage... The trick in Eugene is to really explore and find the hidden corners. There are deals to be had on rooftops and through slightly open doors.
Starlusty Various

In other news, the 3rd Annual Starlust Panty Raid starts very soon! In honor of this hilarious and fun event, I climbed the Floyd mountain in my drawers and took some pics. Get ready to hunt for some skivvies!
Starlusty Various

Starlusty Various

Photo 1: Junk Ruckus Puppydog Avatar
Photo 2, outfit 1: Epoque Oversized Shades (Sunset Skies), Epoque Unisex Briefs (Construction), Junk Ruckus Striped Tee, Wot Hair 32
Photo 2, outfit 2: Junk Ruckus Floral Painted Sunglasses, Junk Ruckus Juicy Strawberry Leggins, Decollage 100% Rad Tee, Wot Hair 16, Pose by Adore & Abhor
Photo 2, outfit 3: Decollage Camera Tee, Junk Ruckus Slacks, Junk Ruckus Soda Painted Sunglasses, Wot Hair 27, Pose by dfo! (Cartoon Birds Braided Your Hair This Morning)
Photos 3 & 4: Epoque Unisex Briefs (Ketchup)

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