Sunday, December 5, 2010

The destruction of the Starlust Motel

Last night, there was a bit of demolition that went on.

We destroyed the Motel. With a host of people inside it at the time (including me. But, we had a nurse on duty to take care of any injuries!).

Starlust Motel blowing up!

As you've no doubt noticed, there are great changes afoot in Starlustland. The sims have been reduced, so we can focus all of our energies on Lloyd, and make nulloyd the best Lloyd he can be. As part of the changes, there will be a new motel. And for that, the old motel must die!

...Starlust Motel got blown up tonight...

And what better way to destroy the motel than by throwing a party and then watching it fall down on top of us. It bounced, a lot, for almost an hour. Apatia, Barb, Rach, and I were thrown onto Gaylord more than once. (And whoever else was sitting on the desk with us....I admit I wasn't paying much attention to that as I was in charge of the 'splodey. And by "in charge" I mean "gleefully reveling in the destruction.")

blowing up Starlust Hotel

You can see lots more pictures of the destruction in the Starlust flickr pool- if you have any Starlusty pictures, I urge you to add them there too! Garbage got a great video of the destruction as well! And there's also an album in front of the motel with a few more pictures!

no mo motel

You can still survey the damage, we're putting off cleaning up this mess!

unicorn destruction

Lloyd will be staying open during de/construction. And there just miiiiight be some more explosions in our future.

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