Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Panty Raid is Ending!

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the end of the Panty Raid. Tonight (and by that I mean right about NOW) we shall be saddling up and the clam posse will be scouring the sims for clams to send him. You are free to join us and crack them open and suck their juicy insides before we hit the Return button. We're going to meet at the lobby.

There are many underpantsenal related goodies in the raid- not only a plethora of underwear, but bags, poses, furniture, jewelry, octopi, shoes, vajazzle....

Only a VERY small sampling, mostly stolen from the Starlust flickr, because I intended to take some panty shots but never quite got that far (yes, I'm a bad bad blogger, no cookie for me):

(I really wish blogger would do cut tags, but nooooooo, that would be helpful. Bastards. SO, stupid number of pictures for you!)

Minsky HIghwaisted Panties for the Starlust Panty Raid :CP: Drying the Wash (on a) Radiator =HooT= Confetti Lingerie AD dfo! good morning, charlie (starlust panty raid) Face motif panties duboo for starlust panty raid Who took my undies??? Big Box of Pron Starlust Panty Raid! starlustpantyraidgifts {what next} Unmentionables Trunk :+*R*+: Panty Bracelet Mr Tentacle Starlust Panty Raid 3!
[LP] Starlust Panty Raid Octobuddy holding starlust ad Sulky Squirrel in Underpants <box> Atomic Owl Starlust Panty Raid Panty Raid 2010

10 sims of underpants await you!

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