Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Starlustland Loves You

Starlust is getting ready for the next panty raid but in the meantime here are some more awesome stuff from the stores of Starlustland:

On Hallie:
Skin: Tres Blah
Hair: Clawtooth
Eyes: Tres Blah
Nails: Tres Blah
Shirt: Tres Blah
Scarf: Tres Blah
Shorts: Tres Blah
Slippers: +mocha+
Knees: Figure 8
Poses: dfo!
Shelf: Cheeky Pea

On Mel:
Hair: Tousled
Skin: Tres Blah
Bangles & Earrings: Dark Mouse
Shoes: Miel
Dress: AyYaiYai
Leggings: [Not Without You]
Pose: Sunflower Poses

Skybox: Modest House
Chaise/Settee: Second Spaces
Chair: Smersh
Rugs: The Golden Oriole
Screen: Shabby Flamingo

Stool: Agent Orange
Desk/Chair/Pen: Grimalkin

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