Friday, September 10, 2010

Designers United Comes to Starlustland!

The fourth Designers United event is being held on Floyd and runs until September 15th (after which, good old Floyd will be getting a bit of a makeover). Narcissus is the theme for this event, which features creations by some of the finest designers in SL (including many Starlustians). Some have interpreted the Greek myth of Narcissus and Echo (short version: boy falls in love with his own reflection in a pool of water and wastes away staring at himself, girl pines for vain boy until only her voice remains). Others have explored the symbolism of the daffodil narcissus flower itself or simply creatively vamped using the bloom. Floyd has been transformed into a wonderland of grass, white flowers, dirt paths, mirror-like water... and lots and lots of things to buy.

There is a little bit of everything available at this event -- skins, hair, clothing, poses, accessories and home stuff. No surprise, the vast majority is for the ladies, but creative guys will find things they can work with. Everything looks fantastic -- the theme revolves around beauty, after all, and that has really come through with this DU round. Here are a few of my favorite finds.
NOTE: Unless specifically stated otherwise, all credited items are from Designers United. Non DU Starlust items are credited where applicable.

Hair ornament: Split Pea (I had some dreams); hair: @Waffles! (Blind Speech: Say Nil); pose: dfo! (I'm up all night, just thinkin' about myself from the pick me. choose me. love me set)

Background: duboo (blue narcissus by.yurim)
Left: dress: LMK (DU4 Narcissus short asymetric dress); hair: Wot? (Hair 009) *not a DU item -- Wot? is closing after September 14th so get over to designer Lili Revnik's store on Harold to snag her unique creations while you can*
Center: shirt: Split Pea (they were clouds in my coffee - shirt only from dress); pants: Adjunct (Vanity Kills Tipped Trousers); pose: Oik (narcissus pose still7)
Right: hair: Wot? (Hair 031) *not a DU item -- Wot? is closing after September 14th*; glasses: &Bean (Recession Street Bargain Glasses) *not a DU item*; sweater: Pig (Cardigan Narcissus Ladies Black); skirt: Ohmai (Narcissus Bubbleskirt Morning - skirt only from dress)

Pose/Pose Box: duboo (i love me pose box from the soosunwha pose set); hair: @Waffles! (Blind Speech: Say Nil); dress: {SMS} (Blooming Dress Yellow for Du4)

dress: LMK (DU4 Narcissus long asymetric dress); hair: Wot? (Hair 026) *not a DU item -- Wot? is closing after September 14th*

dress: Fashionably Dead (Broken Mirror Dress); pose: dfo! (call me if anyone interesting shows up from the pick me. choose me. love me set)

Left: skirt: Split Pea (they were clouds in my coffee - skirt from dress); blindfold: Picnic (blindfold: Narcissus white); shirt: Silentsparrow (Chapiteau Lace Tank) *not a DU item*; pet: Scribble (Baby Bunny in hand) *not a DU item -- Scribble is retiring certain items in a sale that lasts until September 14th*
Right: hat: Picnic (retro helmet for narcissus king); skirt: HouseofFox (BlackRose -- skirt only from dress); shirt: &Bean - Teardrop Black Dress (upper part only) *not a DU item*; pet: Scribble (Baby Bunny in hand) *not a DU item*

In all photos: Tres Blah Echo skins for Designers United.

This is really just the tip of the DU iceberg -- there is so much more to see (and buy). So head on over to Floyd (the frogs have fled for now) and check out this event:

Have fun,

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