Saturday, June 7, 2008


Alright my little lustronaughts, STEIN SHILOVA here and that means fun for all! Guess what time it is... It's time for your Starlust tag to pay off for you! It's the first great contest here at Starlust/Dogtown and our parent sim, Lloyd.

We are having a LET'S-SEE-HOW-MUCH-LLOYD-STUFF-YOU-CAN-WEAR-AT-ONCE CONTEST. There are three categories that you can enter. BEST UNCONVENTIONAL, BEST GLAM, AND BEST CASUAL. You can enter each contest, but you can only enter once. Here is where you say YAY and start going through all of the goodies you've pillaged here at Lloyd, then you put them on and strut your stuff. Pictures people. Pictures. Take them, stick them in a notecard titled CONTEST, note what/who you are wearing after each pic, and stuff them down my pants. Better yet, just drop them to me. I'll put them in my pants later when you aren't looking. If you just give me images not in a notecard, they will be deleted without warning.

Ok, now we get down to the nitty gritty. There will be cash prizes. So far we are at 2000L for first prizes, 1000L for second, and 600L for third. I'm saying so far because I'm sure these prizes will grow. I will keep you updated about the prize moolah as the pot gets bigger. I will also be giving out a Miss/Mister Congeniality prize for the best pic taken on Lloyd grounds as well.
All notecards must be dropped to me no later than MIDNIGHT (SL time) on the 15th. Late notecards won't be accepted. WINNERS will be announced via notecard at NOON (SL time) on the 21st. Ok, that's all folks. Now lemme go to bed. I smell of potato. Oh, one more thing, please don't doctor the photos too much, k?

If you have any questions or clarifications, please contact me in-world via IM or notecard.


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