Monday, June 9, 2008

Dirty Bathing Beauties.

Marleen Vaughan, tonight, threw a folder at me that would contain an outfit that I will be wearing for days. If not weeks. If not for the rest of my second life. IF I had sparkly fabric in real life I would staple pieces together to recreate this (so as to avoid actually trying to find what she based it off of... which would require leaving my house) and then I'd dance around my bathroom and take photos and photo shop a bar across my real life saggy bosoms and send that to her. WHICH she may or may not find creepy. Maybe I'd cross a line. Who knows, the point is: I so adore this bathing suit that I need to share it with you. The Genius of Marly lies not only in the suit itself but that it comes with a prim "shame censor" which Mel and I chose to wear for this photo as it would appear on the feed. That said, I'm going to go back to photo shopping more photos of my avatar and her avatar together and drawing hearts and unicorns on them.

Mel is Wearing:
Skin - []::Tuli::[] Emily [light/1] ~ sultry (freckled)
Suit - ..Marlys.. The Gernreich Agenda CORAL
Hair - PUDGE: Maude the Mod (Burgundy)

I am Wearing:
Skin - (fd) Light - Shiner
Suit - ..Marlys.. The Gernreich Agenda SHARK
Hair - ..Marlys.. Blacklight Beanster - BLONDE


Marly Vaughan said...

Oh MY god. *covers face with hand, then peeks through fingers* You two gurls.. i love you SO MUCH! My god! If I could hump this screen I would. OXOXOXOX

Alyx Sands said...

The black bar is part of the suit? How cool!

Cerrie Janus said...

There is art and it happens to be sparkling all over you both!! Ahem, do we have a hanky yet for wiping the tears of joy out of our eyes?

Apatia Hammerer said...

Hankies. Dreaded hankies. Melatonin and I have only recently made up from the HUGE (read: epic) fight we got into over hankies. Whether they should be flexi, whether in the Springsteen album cover it was actually a hankie or not (she won that one, it is in fact a hat and she hates the Springsteen... but I grew up in Ohio and cannot be held responsible for not really knowing all that much about Springsteen album covers. ANYWAYS huge fight, I can only hope that this blog post doesn't re-ignite those angry fires between the two of us. Otherwise, I just don't know what will happen!

Melatonin Hax said...

Are you trying to say that people who grow up in Ohio cannot tell the difference between a hankie and a hat? OR are you actually saying people who grow up in Ohio can't SEE Springsteen album covers?


And they should be sculptie not flexi...come on!

(we love you Marly)

Apatia Hammerer said...

Dammit Mel, stop putting words in my mouth. I'm not saying EITHER of those things. What I *am* saying is simply that having grown up in Ohio general Springsteen trivia wasn't beaten into me as a child. Why are you attacking me on the starlust blog? I thought we were going to keep this private? I thought we were over this. I thought we were better than this Mel.

Melatonin Hax said...

You know I hate Springsteen but its not hard to google search said album and SEE for yourself that it is in fact a hat. If you were to play a Springsteen song, I would not know that it is Springsteen.

You are the one who brought the fight out into public eyes not me! I was over it but now you are just pushing your finger into an open, infected wound.


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