Saturday, June 7, 2008

Newness at Split Pea

Released this week to the I <3 Starlust group is the Split Pea Hat - you can pick up a copy by joining the group and checking notices. The awesome designers of Starlust have been giving out freebies to the group and putting up new freebies in their stores and in the reception area of the Starlust Motel!

Also just released is the Maude the Mod Headband. Its in Split Pea's store (room 13 at the Starlust) and will be at Pudge's Cheeseburger. It was made to work with Pudge's new hair Maude the Mod (adoooorable hair!!) The flower petals are color changing so you can click each petal and make any color changes you'd like! GOOOO nuts (like me)!!

I also released the Violets are Blue Hat. It was created to go with Heartattack & Vine's Roses are Red dress. It also works best with Marly's Slim Pixie Hair.

Visit Split Pea's Main store at the Starlust Room 13.

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