Friday, January 2, 2009

IRKMADE: lifestyles and leisure products

So it’s pretty hard for me to write a blog entry about irkmade without wanting to give you the designer’s resume. Hap Underwood’s background is god damn impressive. Let’s just say if his resume were a ménage à trios … it would include a frog, SIM-like avatars and a giant talking mouse! Oh yeah. It would be the shit.

Hap and I met ages ago and got on like a house on fire. He’s been on Polly Jean since the beginning: dedicated and true! You totally need to check his shop out, it’s the giant TIKI shelf at the far end. All of his animations are finely crafted from blue-eyed babies and the program MAYA.  Check it…

Here we have the irkmade Absynth Glass (500L - 7 prims). The animation on this glass is gorgeously smooth and will give you flashback like no other. There is an optional FREE fairy wings starter kit to really get your goose cookin.

Next is the irkmade Mr. Moon  (1200L - 6 prims). Mr. Moon, himself, is just ONE prim and includes 4 animated poses. (The sixth prim is a shadow, just fyi.) As usual, Hap steals the show with design originality. The sculptie is well crafted and is perfect for close ups and SL photography. 

Please come by Polly Jean at The Starlust Motel and check out irkmade. It will be worth your time... and the adventure!

Peace out.

what i'm wearin'
HAIR: Hiccup, Nerd carrot
TOP: Royal Blue, Body Con Is Not Dear in Antique
BOTTOM: Sh*t Happens, Zebra Jeans
SHOES: Periquita, Funny Girl Flats brown
SKIN: Tuli, series 2 pale tone

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