Monday, January 5, 2009

I was mind blown - So I thought it might blow you too...

The other day Mr. Carver (Meat) imed me about adding some new products to his shop DEVO, on Floyd (you can go there immediately by clicking this: This In fact you shouldn't even bother reading this... just go now and then be surprised by what's new. Live on the seat of your pants and stuff, you're a tiger.

His new products are the DEVO Scythe - "This sculpted Scythe can be thrown across an
entire sim and always lodges directly into its target."
Which is, you have to admit... flipping great - but then there's the DEVO ORKO - "The ultimate Orko pack! Includes scuplted avatar with magical pulse effects, an animated doll you
can nurse, a pet that rides on your shoulder and an army that flies around your head."
You maybe weren't as into He-Man as much as my sister was... but really that's also something you will have to admit was sorely lacking from SL... now it's here. Buy it.

Most impressively/amazingly to me, though, is the DEVO Paint.

Mr. Carver has put out a Demo of the DEVO paint in front of his shop, so you can try before you buy. And I think after you try you might well buy... because if you don't someone you know will and then you'll end up feeling like you would have gotten the credit had you bought it first... you already knew how flipping awesome it was... but you just couldn't spare the pocket change to buy it... and now you're just not as hip and awesome as your friend is. That's kind of tragic.

DEVO Paint - "This Paint board allows you to paint your own permanent art pieces in Secondlife
Your artwork can be saved as a texture, added to an online gallery and also saved to prims
that can then be used to reload your painting back onto the board, or simply hung up on the
wall of your house."

Yes - It's that motherflipping awesome, creative, inventive and you must have it.

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