Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mmmmm PDA poses at Dogtown

I love poses. I just love them. I didn't know how badly my addiction to poses was going to get when I first walked into Dove's shop [LAP]... back when I was SLyounger. And I should have. I just should have.
Now one of the things I absolutely look forward to most when creating ads or doing any sort of picture is flipping through myriad pose animator thingies in the skybox - and I clapped my hands with excitement when Izzy Bereznyak started throwing his poses at me. More so than clap I threw my hands in the air and said "Thank YOU (insert your own religious deity here)!" when Izzy told me he was opening a shop at Dogtown.
And now that shop is open - PDA. This is a smattering of my favorite *favorite* poses from pda.
You can get them here.

Hair by Coif - Skin by Toasty Bard - Pig Shop Turtleneck and my favorite jeans by Sh*t Happens.

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