Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pantie Hunt till Friday

1) you are all troopers, amazing troopers. 2) I love Johnny Cash 3) There really are clams hidden all over BOTH sims.

Let me explain - (no sleep, lots of coffee... bare with me) I want to thank each and every one of the vendors who've participated. They didn't have to. They are my heroes for their enthusiasm. Johnny Cash is brilliance. And a lot of people have been chattering about not being able to find the clams. In the photo above, the tineh one is actual size. Yes... they're a little bit small... but considering that there are probably over 100 of them now... the chances of running into them are very good.
-Tip to get you going: There is one placed in the lower left corner of the window directly on the right of the main motel lobby door. Also there is one on top of the Schadenfreude Elephant's trunk.

Hunt ends Friday so you've plenty of time. Remember... not a mission... just some under pantie fun.

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