Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Toys on the Boys!

Earlier today Allegory brought me to Katat0nik's shop to try her new Lucky Fortune chair (for a most adorable dress! Alle won it... it's gorgeous) and then we mused over what a great invention this Lucky Fortune machine was. We so loved it that we went over to Shep Korvin's store and bought the copyable one. What we've done is placed one by the motel entrance on Lloyd and one by the Harbour entrance on Floyd. What I'd like (ideally) is to start a mega battle between the Lloydite Vendors and the Floydite vendors over who can contribute to the Fortune Machines most, ultimately culminating in an bloody scene of drunken and/or discombobulated merchants streeeewwwwn about the boys. Failing that... a boxing match. Failing that... macaroni and cheese wrestling. In any case... you're the winner and your prize will be a lovely outfit or product from one of our many many talented content creators!

First Up: A battle between Elate and Heartattack & Vine.

(To clarify - There is one machine on each sim. Each machine holds a prize from a vendor on that sim. To win, you must make a 100% cosmic match with the person you're sitting with. If you and that person are not 100% cosmic match, you're percentage will always be the same on that machine but ONLY for that prize. Each new prize the machines will be reset. If you and your partner are not a match on Floyd, you might be on Lloyd! and if you're not on either... then try different partners. Most of all... have fun!)

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Marly Vaughan said...

Bring it on, Bitches.

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