Monday, August 11, 2008

Aug 11th Pantie Party and 5 Day Pantie Hunt at Starlust

Please join us Tomorrow (Aug. 11th) at the Motel for a wee party celebrating all that is underpant. Starting around 6pm SL DJ Jhuzen Ketsugo will be um... spinning the phat beats? Yeah? I'm pretty sure that's what they're called. Even if they're not phat, they'll be good sized and really confident with themselves so do come.
Also there's a 5 day hunt with almost an uncountable amount of clams holding underpants from almost an uncountable amount of vendors going on. The hunt covers both sims of Floyd and there are underpants for men as well as women. Sexy and casual, fun and then some very serious ones. I do think you'll have a good time!


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