Friday, April 18, 2008

YAY! Hello!

We've *finally* been added to the feed and my gosh, my cup runneth over.

Hello, I'm Apatia of the Starlust Motel. I'm going to write this post assuming that most of you are already familiar with us. If you've not been by...then perhaps you read our name associated with whatever that freebie "controversy" was. (I did just role my eyes in real life, and that's exactly as much of a personal statement directed at that mess as I'm going to make.) And if the latter is how you heard of us, then I am truly sorry. The Starlust Motel... and this is arguable... is *more* than catty controversy.

My main interest in this first post on the feeds is to express how grateful I am to each of you who have participated in our fundraiser for expansion of the Motel. I am thankful to every one of you who have purchased the specially priced items in the Thimbles stores, as well as on the fundraiser board outside at the Motel. I'm eye water-ingly thankful to those of you who have made unbelievably kind and generous donations. I'll get you back someday. I'm freakishly good at french manicures and pedicures. Plus I just got that pedegg thing, so just name the day.

I will provide further information when dates have been decided regarding when exactly we'll be opening the new land. As it stands we have myriad events planned for our opening that are not limited to but include:
-An avatar auction... *you* can buy Toast Bard for a reasonable sum!
-An ongoing contest to decide who is hotter shit (me or Hank) with the winner being elected Princess of Lustyland, the grounds of the Starlust Motel.
-Actually I can't think of the other events off the top of my head... we've all been delirious for the last month straight.

Kiss. -Appy.

P.S. new skirts at Thimbles/Starlust

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