Tuesday, April 8, 2008


There is an excellent board up at the Starlust right now with all sorts of good good goodies on it to help us expand! We have big ideas coming out of our ying yangs (quite smoothly thanks to a high fiber diet) and we can't wait to make all of them a reality. Think Girls Gone Wild, but with more cellulite and less body wax...

This board might as well be the friggin Make-a-wish Foundation help this poor little polio girl's dream come true. So get yer butts down to Starlust as soon as you can tear yourself away from your cyber session with that serial killer from Akron with the killer abs.

I made a special shape for the occasion, (HOTBOX) Fashion Whore, at a very special price! This shape is a limited edition and will only be available at this board, so hurry up and come get it!!

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