Friday, April 25, 2008

Shandy Surfacing

Melatonin Hax, Stein Shilova and Apatia Hammerer of the Starlust Motel wearing The Zelda hats and Shoe Street Tanks available from Thimbles.

Howdy Do! Things are moving along quite well here at the Starlust. Rooms are filling up, plants are being planted, dinosaurs are being dinosaured. Our imaginations are in overdrive figuring the best way to bring you 32oz. cups of classy because our tentative opening weekend will be May9th-11th.
We'll be opening the Starlust Motel/Lustyland under construction so you can look forward to much fun we'll be having with that theme. Also special sales, freebies, dollarbies. A very special election for Princess of Lustyland will be held and I do hope you come join us and vote for Hank!

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