Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Starlust Gacha Carnival!

The last stragglers have joined the carnival!

Starlust Gacha Festival

(Picture by MiaSnow)

~silentsparrow~ Vintage Tattoos @ The Starlust Gacha Carnival *katat0nik* (holding) Milk Doll My booth @ the Starlust Gacha Carnival! *katat0nik* (43 colors) Milk Doll Gacha @ Starlust! Jester Hat Gatcha PETITE Jester Hat Gatcha Lolapop-ElBujoNecklaceGacha TOSL *Juicy Lips* Gatcha! My Booth @ Starlust Gacha Festival

Seraphim covered the carnival- but there's actually more there now than they saw! But they dooo have pictures of the three things I don't- Pig, Deco, and Stinkeye!

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