Friday, March 16, 2012

Starlust Gacha Carnival!

A Gacha Carnival is happening on Lloyd! We've got some Starlustians, and some special friends, who have made gachas just for youuuuu.

Some people are a little late due to computer or health issues :( but the carnival is open until April 9, so they will still have some time!

Here are some of the fabulous things that await you, I'll show you more later!

(pda) for Starlust Gacha Out at the Gacha Carnival At Starlust on Lloyd! Intrigue Co. Cat Carousel Gacha TOSL *Juicy Lips* Gatcha! Soft Shell Crab Gatcha Owlan Egg Rug Gatcha Lolapopads_suckerposesfatpack Lolapop-I'm A Lady Fother Mucker (gacha) 7My Booth @ Starlust Gacha Festival

(MiaSnow has a great blog entry with some pictures of her things, but also some lovely pictures of the carnival itself!)

All found at the Starlust Gacha Carnival!

Next post, with more of the fun things you can find there

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