Sunday, June 10, 2012

Twinkle Twinkle Uncle Floyd

Even though Uncle Floyd has preceded our dear baby boy Lloyd into the ether, this is my personal unofficial official anthem of the Starlust, and of the boys in particular:

Press play and listen while I talk.  I'll wait.

You're probably wondering why I'm bringing this up.  Well, you see, dear Lloyd is going to join old Floyd (and the other boys), and take a nap.  It's been a long time coming, sims are expensive babies, you see, and can get difficult to keep up.  The core group of Starlusters has changed over the years- a few of the people who started the whole concept with us have moved on to new things, and have long since closed.  As it is, a number of the Ones in Charge (to the degree that we ever did that, which we mostly tried to avoid, as we were more interested in community- which has upsides and downsides, we were never the most organized crew without a clear captain!) are, at the moment, not as active in SL, due to some pretty exciting reasons that have distracted their attention for the last few months- but with tier what it is, it doesn't accept taking a vacation to work on other things.  Even when those things are fantastic opportunities.

goodnight lloyd

Those inhabiting him will be scattering around the grid- Intrigue Co. has moved to high above Earth (at least temporarily); Kauna is also floating, above Morning Light.  Others still have their other locations: Fashionably Dead on Tableau; DECO on Friday; Antebellum's sibling store PDA also on Tableau; U&R Dogs on their own sim.  Pig, ~silentsparrow~, Miss Shippe's Studio, SMERSH, and Schadenfreude will be joining MiaSnow on her Twomoons Island (and, perhaps, Starlusting it up a bit).  The only place I know that will be closing, for now, is Split Pea, as melatonin hasn't had the time to do anything for it in quite some time, and is letting it lie fallow until the mood strikes her again.  (And I don't have forwarding addresses for everyone yet, obviously!)

Sleep well, sweet prince.

I'm in a boat

Oogie knew there's never ever time
Some of us will always stay behind

Anyone interested in purchasing a full sim, please contact Apatia Hammerer asap- Lloyd may be gone tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

the starlust sims will always be my favorite thing about second life! it was always incredible, fun, hilarious, beautiful, strange, and unforgettable. i have so many memories of all the sims, how different each was and yet how they all connected. i'll never forget what cool places so many cool people made and how wonderful it all was! i hope everyone is having a great life and i love you all!

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