Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Split Pea

split pea sign

Split Pea is the brainchild of Melatonin Hax, she who is one half of Thimbles, the high muckity muck in charge of the Area 408 half of Harold, and the new sim Elliott. A little over a year ago, she branched off from Thimbles into millinery- creating fantastical creations, mostly to be worn upon the head, in room 13 of the motel when it moved to Lloyd.

split pea mime

Eventually this little side project grew beyond the bounds of just a motel room, and moved into, of course, giant peas. Those peas inhabit the space in Lloyd that had been devoted to Thimbles, before the move to the giant thimbles in Floyd, keeping that plot in the family, as it were.

split pea princess

Quite a few head adornments (there are hats- but there are also feathers and vines and bows and glasses and birds) in Split Pea are created to go with things made by other designers- there are hats to go with dresses by Heartattack&Vine, feathers and bows to go with Clawtooth by Clawtooth hair.

split pea fishing

Split Pea is located in the southwest corner of Lloyd, a stone's throw from the motel and next to ZsaZsa's bra on Horst.

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