Saturday, August 1, 2009

Drumroll please...

Thanks to everyone who entered this year's Flickr contest @ Starlust! We had many many amazing entries, but finally narrowed down the field to this years winners-- and just FYI, some of the voting was very close-- separated by only 1 point from the other contenders! Congratulations to our winners! :)

Lloyd: Mako Kungfu
Lloyd's Winner: Mako Kungfu

Floyd: Griete Rasmuson
Floyd's Winner: Griete Rasmuson

Horst: Clink Monday
Horst's Winner: Clink Monday

Herman Melville: Ramona Forcella
Herman Melville's Winner: Ramona Forcella

Harold: Mako Kungfu
Harold's Winner: Mako Kungfu

Eugene: Willa Whybrow
Eugene's Winner: Willa Whybrow

Bill: Astrud Sands
Bill's Winner: Astrud Sands

Yayyy! Winners, please contact Averie Larnia in-world to receive your prizepacks! Also be aware that some vendors have opted to hand-deliver their gifts to you, so be on the lookout! Participation prizes will be handed out to all who entered ASAP!

We hope you all had fun entering and look forward to your submissions next year :-)
All our best,
The Starlust Management & Vendors

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Lili Revnik said...

yayy! congrats to all winners! :D

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