Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Starlust Residentials

harold rentals

Did you know the Starlust has a few residential spots?

harold rental 1
(The Emerald viewer rocks in a multitude of ways, including the temp upload feature and the ability to set perms of things in the contents of objects en masse, and it also actually lets me turn on Atmospheric Shaders! I have to use them very sparingly and only for photos...but look! Actual pretty water!)

Nestled in the mountains above Area 408, there are a select few unique buildings for residences, overseen by our lovely Melatonin Hax. It's a pretty fantastic view from up there, looking over all of Starlustland (if you can up your draw distance! I keep mine super low except for photos, so I'm always even more amazed when I can see things).

harold rental 2

We do request that visitors to Starlustland be respectful to those who choose to keep homes here, however we have been blessed with never having any problems to speak with so far, because, let's face it, the people who hang out at the Starlust are awesome.

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