Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New stores and a new mainstore!!!

Hi again!  Time to come shopping again and check out the new stuff at the Starlust!  
A great little unisex t-shirt shop.  42 t-shirt color options, so you can find a shirt to match every outfit.  The best part...there is a demo for all the colors so you can see if something is "your color" before buying it!  
The hoodies from here have become a regular staple in my wardrobe.  There is much more in this store such as: t-shirts, fun belts, novelty items and other accessories.  
Why have a traditional "kick me" sign on your back when you can wear an adorable bunny backpack with a sign?  Tons of skins and other cute accessories here also!  
Throw traditional tails out the window and try out this store.  These tails are fully scripted and texture crazy!  
The name pretty much says it all!  Clothing, accessories and shoes to help you change up your wardrobe.  
Unique dresses and these really realistic looking strawberry stilettos!  

and last but not least...Pididdle's new mainstore has moved to the Starlust!  

Hallie <3

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