Saturday, May 23, 2009

Royal Blue

rb night

Royal Blue just recently underwent a remodeling. It has kept a lot of the same themes and charm of the previous build, but evolved into more of a proper "building"- this time, for instance, there's actually a roof! The previous incarnation to that was the gingerbread house in Floyd, and it's been an interesting progression in theme to watch, as certain elements have become more prevalent.

rb window

(I'm sorry, I have to apologize here for a moment- the new ~silentsparrow~ tattoos have made it hard for me to actually wear clothing. However, as I was having a hard time deciding upon a shirt that would accentuate this skirt to its full potential it worked out just fine! I love the floral motif on this one playing into the roses.)

rb secret life of mannekins

As you might be able to spy in the background, there's a new addition to Horst. All that glitter has been gathering high above the sims...and it made a giant unicorn. I hear eventually Tres Blah shall be setting up shop in his innards!

rb swing

It's a very chic build, but at the same time, there's a lot just a bit strange and wonderful about it. When you walk inside, you find that there are two distinct styles of architecture at war- on the one side you have the very fancy slick white walls with accents, clean and stark, like the interior of high end Beverly Hills boutique, or a nice department store like Saks, when it still actually was nice (it's even more that prefect ideal of what these things should be, what they try to be, than even the reality achieved)- and on the other it's an explosion of flowers and plants and grasses planted in a checkerboard pattern (even up onto the walls), as if Wonderland has come to take over.

rb split

I would like to thank the lovely Nivaya Barbosa, of Dressing in Pixels, for playing the fashionista Alice to my Cheshire Cat.

Royal Blue is located on the sheer cliffside of Horst, next to Sh!t Happens and Free*Style, and also keeps an update blog.


Tomo Hermit said...

Thanks for introduction of my store "12/4" and sorry, may I ask to change my store's SLURL to ""?

I'm really glad having my store at Starlust :D

Allegory Malaprop said...

Oh, thank you for letting me know! It should be fixed now :)

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