Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lloyd, triumphant

Lloyd's been open during construction (which is still going on, a lot!), but a few things have opened up!

pig shop

Pig is open again on Lloyd, in the new iglesia de tocino. There's also a flickr group for Pig and assorted relatedness, finally!

mr tentacle

Mr. Tentacle is also finally back, in a giant octopus. You can see Herman Melville in the background there, the home of TOSL- which has stayed open and ready the whole time (and I hear there's new stuff as of yesterday!)

fashionably dead

fashionably dead is alive and well on Lloyd- especially since Tableau is down for remodelling! Skins are on the upper floor. As is the cat.

fox in the snow

fox in the snow, with its art t-shirts, is still in the little cottage, you can see the little ~silentsparrow~ birdhouse behind it.

starlust motel

The Motel has been rebuilt- one floor this time, with a kidney bean shaped pool- the squid floaty still loves to hold you. The back three rooms are taken up by Free*Style, though the motel recently was moved so things had to be sent back, and most of them haven't put their stuff back out yet!

miss shippe

Also in the Motel is Miss Shippe's Studio. Inside you can find facepainting warpaints to adorn your noggin.


The only SMERSH currently in existence is in another motel room. Life is incomplete without a frickin laser shark.


High above Lloyd is Antebellum, safe from the chaos of de/construction, where you can find a great selection of facial hair for your mustache wearing desires.


And, of course, the Schadenfreude Elephant is still standing in his corner of Lloyd, staring out at the sea. (Mostly) unmolested by the doings around him.

(All pictures are unedited but for cropping, taken in a viewer with shadows and depth of field. After 4 months of working on a busted computer, I finally have new hotness that can handle all this, so I've been playing around with it. Still buggy a bit...but new computer doesn't even have Photoshop yet, as my install disks are not where I am.)

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