Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thimbles Returns in a New Location

Thimbles, a collaborative effort between Starlusty Ladies Apatia Hammerer and Melatonin Hax, mysteriously disappeared from Floyd several months ago but has resurfaced (well, sort of) in Gaylord. The newly reopened Thimbles mainstore is now comfortably located in an underground bunker just below the main piggy square. It's currently unmarked, but you'll run into it if you wander through open doorways or happen to be prowling the sewers. Or, of course, you could just take this SLurl:

Thimbles has always been a fantastic place to pick up fun, inexpensive clothing with personality, and that hasn't changed. Mel and Apatia have even introduced some new quirky pieces in the new store. Get your avatar(s) over there to pick up all the Thimbles goodness. Some things are priced as low as 25L. A few of Girl Mako's favorite picks, below (Starlust vendors are credited):

DRESS: Thimbles - Half a World Away
HAIR: Clawtooth - The Seas Met
SHOES: Sanu Black Cuppie Ballet Flat
SHADES: Split Pea - Black Onassis Sunglasses
POSES: (pda) - Vortical Phonoteque, Venus in Furs, Sunglasses After Dark, Watching You

DRESS: Thimbles - Sssssnake Dress
HAIR: Clawtooth - Velvet Moon
SKIN: MiaSnow White Queen 3
POSES: (pda) - Apathy (Subhumans), Asleep on the Snow, Black Light

DRESS: Thimbles - You Were Loved Dresses
HAIR: Clawtooth - Listen Up
SKIN: Imagen - Este Deep Purple
POSES: (pda) - Dedicated Follower of Fashion, Danse des Mouches Noires Gardes Du Roi, Don't Do It

OUTFIT: Thimbles - 1983 Calling...
HAIR: Lamb - Bang Bang

HAIR: Wot? Hair015
SKIN: Pie Hole Love Cuts
POSES: (pda) - If You Leave Me Now, Gently I'll Wake You, Huna Cosm, Silver Sands
LEFT TO RIGHT: Thimbles - Lucy is a big girl now Dress, Thimbles - Lucy is a big girl now Tights, Thimbles - Master of Cats, Thimbles - Running Your Affairs Dress, Thimbles - Pretty Mary K Dress

HAIR: Lamb - Glow
SHOES: Sanu - Black Cuppie Ballet Flat
PANTS: Thimbles - Taking on all the Sadness pants
SHIRTS: Thimbles - Haltura, Thimbles - Mr Suspenders, Thimbles - Ordinary Tube Top, Thimbles - Dollinger Tee Tank, Thimbles - I <3 Plaid - Murphy
POSES: (pda) - You Drive an Iroc, There She Goes Again, Weatherhead Hollow 2, Tes Yeux Noir, Twitchin', The Number

Welcome back, Thimbles!

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