Monday, April 26, 2010

Exploring Elliott

I was rambling around Elliott earlier and turned around to find myself staring at this cool vista -- the moody haze of neutrals broken by the startling red of the Sea Hole octopus (a mural which is available for sale).

Inspired, I morphed into Girl Mako (she comes in handy for these types of occasions) and turned her into Octo Girl using items purchased on Elliott. The Octo dress is from the Sea Hole, the Cosmic Johanna scaly skin is one of MiaSnow's and the Kraken helmet is from Hat Mechanic:

Pose by (pda)

Girl Mako kept wandering and eventually snapped out of octo mode. Elliott is such a rich atmospheric sim -- the dim water, the ramshackle carnival, the narrow alleys, the string lights through the haze... it's great just to explore and find places you might have missed on previous visits. Elliott items pictured below: Steambrella by Weather or Not, angry Otaku glasses and Laundry Day leggings by Duboo, I <3 Elliott tee is a freebie by the landing point:

Pose by (pda)

I found a new spot (new for me, anyway) behind the shops near the sim crossing. Girl Mako morphed again and waited for that red phone to ring. It never did. Starlust items pictured below: Cheeky Girl Agnes bra by Whippet & Buck (Harold), Tormented/Tortured Soul shirt by Tarnished (Elliott), dollarbie Hounds of Love skin by &Bean (Harold):

When's the last time you've really explored Elliott? Get over there and take another look!
Have fun,

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