Thursday, July 16, 2009

Welcome to Starlust Elliott!

Starlustland is pleased to announce the arrival and opening of the new boy Elliott!

Elliott has three themes - XO Swamp, St. Ides Heaven Carnival Junkyard, and Shooting Star Pet Cemetery. The entire sim will open today, July 17, 2009 at 5PM SLT. There will be fun, shopping, freebies, dollarabies, and an hour DJ session in the Cemetery at 6PM SLT with Izzy Bereznyak who will be playing Elliott Smith songs.

Please come visit Elliott and the shops of:
Periquita Shoes Mainstore (XO Swamp)
SomaPop Mainstore (Pet Cemetery)
So Fetch! Mainstore (Pet Cemetery)

XO Swamp:
Minettes, GiGi Couture, Agent Orange, Wasabi Pills, Urbanista, Bryce Designs, EnzuDesign, The Habitat, Madsy, Touche, barbee., Dare, Primitive Design, The Sea Hole, Goth1c0, kiLiebe, LyGo, ADN3, Chapeau tres Mignon, Creative Insanity, Steinwerk Designs, El'n, Luck Inc, Urbanity, LOULOU&CO

Shooting Star Pet Cemetery:
Second Spaces, Little Boy Blue, Pocket Mirrors, lurveBite, !*Henusaki*Love*Creations*!, The Stringer Mausoleum, Pink Outfitters, The Dogs, Ear Candy, Hourglass Shapes

St. Ides Heaven Carnival Junkyard:
Sunflower Poses, Naive, Etoile, [name pending], Kid Asia, Physique, Poetic Eyes, Strange Candy, Gritty Kitty, SOMATICA, Ken's Store, Rainbow Snail Design, Indyra Originals Headquarters,
Tousled, Sprawl, House of Hucci

XO Swamp
Shooting Star Pet Cemetery
St. Ides Heaven Carnival Junkyard

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