Friday, July 17, 2009

War? (We grief our sims, so you don't have to)

On the evening of July 14th, the evil forces of Vintage McMillan (of Epoque and Eugene) and her army of giant dolls descended upon the Starlust, in her bid to conquer the rest of the land of greater Starlustland. It started high above the skies of Floyd, as a foreboding airship cruised around, dropping huge dolls in her declaration of war.

We scrambled to rally the troops in response, and were aided in our defense by mushroom throwers, giant chickens, and the fearless crotch swan infantry. And then, the battle was on! Vintage manned the huge Godzilla-like doll, with its laser eyes, setting fire to the grounds of the motel, as giant chickens flew into the face of danger trying to fend off the menace.

oh dear.

Epic Battle at Lloyd 07/14/09

Raining Chickens at the Starlust 2

the falling

Eventually the brave cock and fungus forces were victorious, defeating Vintage's evil...for now.

I knew it was a mistake to let Eugene in!

More photographs of the damage can be found on the flickr pages linked above, as well as at the lobby of the motel. You can also get a cockfighter of your very own at the lobby, to stand firm in the face of evil everywhere.

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