Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Starlust Monster Beach Party!

Monster Beach Party
Our first party after moving to the island of Twomoons is a beach party.  We've got a lot of nice beaches here.  But the sun went down on September 30th, and didn't come up again on October 1st, we've been shrouded in perpetual night for the month of October.  And, well, turns out our beaches aren't as uninhabited as we thought they were, actually we're sharing with a bunch of monsters.

shark and tentacle and me

They're friendly though!  Some of them are maybe a little _too_ friendly?  Watch the hands there buddy.  Ok, tentacles.  Same difference.

There's a wonderful lineup out at the beach!  The remaining native Starlusters, of course: Pig, Miss Shippe's Studio, SMERSH, ~silentsparrow~, and Schadenfreude; but also a couple of our Twomoons neighbors: MiaSnow and DooDads; PLUS an exciting lineup of special guests: lassitude&ennui, Curio Obscura, U&R Dogs, Saturnine Dreams, Clawtooth, Fashionably Dead, Nomine, BlueBlood, Tart Gallery, and the triumphant resurrection of Violet Voltaire!  Well, I'm working on that last bit, I'm having a little trouble flushing the last of the embalming fluid out, but she'll be there soon.

A bit of a preview of just a few to whet your appetite:

curio obscura

fashionably dead


miss shippe


And some more secret guest stars may dig themselves up and visit later in the month!

Starlust Monster Beach Party
Come join us at the Monster Beach Party! We don't bite. Much.

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