Friday, October 14, 2011

Last day for 4.44.444

Free*style's 4th anniversary party, 4.44.444 ends tonight at midnight! You might want to swing by if you haven't, it's a big skybox full of awesome (and pictures of our pets and some of our escapades) from all sorts of different people (those Free*Style girls got half the grid involved, I think), all new and exclusive for this event- some of it will be available later, but some of it won't, and I have noooo idea what!

Jessica Fletcher loves Free*Style. So do cats in shark masks.

The event is being held on Lloyd, in a skybox up above the sim- Free*Style also maintains a year round room in the motel on the ground, full of goodies.

Bea is waiting for you

Check out 4.44.444!

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