Friday, March 27, 2009

The unicorns are here!

You may have heard about the battle raging at Sparkle Village (previously known as the Starlust Motel). The virtuous pro unicorn forces (led by myself and General Apatia Hammerer) are pitched in battle against the dire forces of the anticorns (led by Stein Shilova and Melatonin Hax...although Melatonin has voiced her affection to unicorns to me privately, it's all just peer pressure from Stein. The anticornal forces are crumbling from within, soon the unicorns shall prevail!)

defaced neon

The anticorns have been defacing the sims with signs and graffiti, because they oppose all that is pure and beautiful in the world. The pro unicorn forces have let the unicorns run free through the sims of Lloyd, Floyd, and Horst, free to bring happiness and love to all who visit our Unicorn Sex sims.

floyd unicorns

(horns and ears from Beloved's fantastic unicorn kit, which I've been wearing for days, wings and bum bow from ~silentsparrow~, both available in the lobby. The hoofies, hands and feet, are from Lazy Places, which has a location on the anti unicorn sim of Harold- but we know they are really on our side, and have been swept up in the anticorn sim through no fault of their own)

niv alle ach unicorns

(here I am with fellow unicornians, Nivaya Barbosa and Achariya Maktoum. The sea unicorns floating around me are fishing prizes that can be obtained from fishing on Lloyd and Floyd, and the rainbow mohawk I'm wearing is by Helena String of the Stringer Shrine and Mausoleum, in her show of unicorn solidarity. Nivaya's horn is from Illusions, and her hoofies are Lazy Places, exclusive to their Axis Mundi location. Achaiya and I are both wearing the new ~silentsparrow~ vest, aesthete)

evangeline schism

(Evangeline Schism poses on the back of the bed in front of the lobby, a testament to the love between Apatia Hammerer, myself, and unicorns)

unicorn subversive

Katat0nik has come out in support of the unicorn forces, and you can see the fantastic Making Memories dress here, modeled by Subversive Writer. Adaire DeCuir also wrote a feature on Sparkle Village on the katat0nik blog, and it should give you some idea of the magic of the new Sparkle Village.

sad anticorns

You can see here how shabby the sim of Harold is, tarnished and without the magic that unicorns bring. It's very sad. This is why the fight for the unicorns is so important.

clawtooth by clawtooth unicorn

All is not lost on Harold though! Clawtooth by Clawtooth, overlooking Dogtown, is surrounded by a group of unicorns in tiaras, doing their best to stand against the anticorns!

unicorn treehouse

(Yes, I am indeed pregnant with Apatia's unicorn child)

There is also a special new treehouse, high atop Mount Lolita in Floyd, for the brave revolutionaries that populate the I <3 Starlust group.

Light, love, and unicorns forever!

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Shelby Rasmuson said...

Unicorns forever!!!!!(And if they're wearing pink...even betteh!!)

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