Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Starlust VD Hunt Ends Feb, 20th!!

Gifts from Figure 8 make you JEM - or a tower of JEM... your choice.

There are SO many vendors involved and so many great items to collect once you've found all the pieces of the broken heart that are strewn about the sims.
If you haven't tried your hand at the hunt yet, here's what you do:

Go to the Starlust Motel lobby - Click the sign to receive the HUD and wear it - then search for 14 red pieces of a broken heart that are placed around Lloyd, Floyd, Horst and Herman Melville sims. Each piece of the heart has a clue for where to find the next piece. If you're having trouble with a clue, don't hesitate to ask the I <3 Starlust update group - it's a wonderful group full of amazing people and everyone's been overwhelmingly helpful and supportive!
As you collect the heart pieces on the ground - pieces will automatically show up on your hud and once you've got a filled heart you can go around to the shops of each participating vendor and collect their gifts. There is also a notecard in the lobby with direct TP's to each participating vendor store!

** There is a glitch with the HUD that we were unaware of - if you crash while hunting for the pieces it will not save your progress, this is frustrating BUT if you detach and then RE-attach... it *will* save your progress. And it's all so worth it - and we apologize for the error but really it's totally worth it and we wouldn't be starlust if we weren't just a little bit of a pain in your ass.

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