Friday, July 4, 2008

Dont' you forget about Lloyd.

oooo Someone just got shot on Law and Order. That's how I'm spending my 4th of July, watching Law and Order on my sister's couch in Boston. YOU, however, should head over to the Motel and get yourself some kielbasa and hummus. Perhaps you'd like to click and get some freebies. Maybe you've always been curious about sculptie horses in SL and wanted to ride one but were afraid people would accuse you of being into a fetish or you really are into a fetish and that's totally great but maybe you wanted to ride a sculptie horse in a safe (relatively) environment where no one's going to judge you. Then you should probably head to Lloyd. Search Lloyd on Map because my phone is ringing and I don't think I've ever made a SLurl anyway. Ok. Have some fun, it could be worse... you could be standing on a bridge with like 800 people pushing and touching you.

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