Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Welcome to the Starlust!

This blog is to update and celebrate everything that is Starlust. The Starlust Motel was birthed from several moments of friends standing around saying "I wish we could put your store next to ours" or "I wish there was a way to share some of this traffic with you" or "I wish you would not sit so close, you're kind of making me uncomfortable at this point." And this idea... shared between good good friends... has taken on a complete life of it's own; not unlike a real child... just one that was fertilized by many donors and nurtured in many wombs.

The Starlust will be main store like locations to 4 stores:

And there are 7 rental spots occupied by:
La Sylphide
SD Wears
GG Couture
Violet Voltaire

Our goal is to genuinely enjoy what we're doing, while putting out the best content that we can. Creating an environment that's not only a pleasure to spend time in but also one that profits everyone involved. We will hold events and have sales. People love a good sale. I've been calling this a shopping collective to inspire that instead of one or two people making decisions... every one's opinion counts and we really do want to hear yours. My hope is that someone may come to my shop to buy a sweater... turn around see yours and buy your pants. I love your pants, why wouldn't they!

The blog here will be for communal updates regarding events and individual updates regarding sales or promotions, recent releases and anything else you might find pertinent to anything within the Starlust boundaries.

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